Resident diagnostics

The target facility is equipped with an array of diagnostic devices applicable to measurements in the optical, XUV and keV X-ray spectral regions, and to analysis of the charge state of highly stripped ions streaming out from the laser plasma. This instrumentation is available to the users for their experiments.

The laser beams may be configured to provide various backlighter geometries for both X-ray radiography experiments and optical probing.

The individual diagnostics and their basic features are summarised in the below Table.

Type Device Additional specifications
Optical CCD imaging camera SBIG ST-7
300—1 100 nm
16-bit data, ultra-low dark current, pixel size 9 x 9 microns
Nomarski interferometer assembly Active plasma probing by the third harmonic of the laser (438 nm)
X-ray AXUV Si p-n junction photodiodes 10 eV—10 keV Absolutely calibrated, risetime 750 ps
Transmission grating spectrometer 20 eV—1 keV Gratings 10,000 lines per mm + 5,000 lines per mm
2 simple pinhole cameras keV spectral region Magnification up to 10, detection on film
Imaging CCD system Photonic Science about 10 eV—1 keV Detection on a phosphor + fibreoptic demagnifier coupled to a CCD
Streak camera Kentech Instruments Temporal resolution < 20 ps
Combined X-ray pinhole/optical camera keV spectral region CCD readout, variable magnification in horizontal/vertical directions
Highly charged ions Faraday cups Total integral current
Thomson mass spectrometer E(kinetic)/Z measurements, useful data up to 60-times ionized states
Electrostatic analyzer Windowless absolutely calibrated electron multiplier